Customer Spotlight: Emily Mandell Bat Mitzvah

Our very first Customer Spotlight features an interview with David Mandell regarding his recent experience with David, Marissa, and Emily Mandell reside in Lake Worth, Florida and chose the Adorable Aqua invitation suite for Emily’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah.

How did you go about your search for a Bat Mitzvah invitation? Did you find us using an internet search or by word of mouth from a friend or relative?

We found by simply using an internet search. We wanted an invitation that would allow us the flexibility to have multiple different reception cards (so that different guests could get different cards, depending upon who was invited to what), and it seemed like that would be more possible with the invitations on this site, compared to some other sites. We also liked how the products on the website were more attractive and seemingly higher quality that the simple, cheap-looking do-it-yourself glossy one-page invites on photo paper that are plentiful on the internet, but that there were still products that weren’t too expensive and over-the-top.

Adorable Aqua Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Adorable Aqua Bat Mitzvah Invitation

What did you find most appealing about the invitation that was selected for Emily’s Bat Mitzvah?

The most appealing aspects of appearance of the invitation we chose were the tri-fold pattern and the beautiful aqua color, which is a color we had already chosen for the Bat-Mitzvah. The most appealing part about the technical aspects of the invitation was the ability to have multiple different reception cards (one for hotel information, one for a Friday night dinner, one for a Sunday brunch), and the ability to add extra lines of copy where needed.

In what ways did stand out when assisting you with your order?

What stood out most was customer service. Although we liked the appearance of the invitation on-line, we had a lot of questions regarding how we could add more lines of copy, how we could make multiple different reception cards, how we could add a name in English and Hebrew, how we could have guests’ addresses printed for us on the mailing envelopes, how many extra envelopes are we supposed to order, how to navigate the ordering process on-line, etc., etc. The information on the website didn’t address all these issues, so each time we had a question, we contacted the company via email, and rapidly (within hours, and sometimes even within minutes) received a helpful, productive response. With our initial questions, we were just testing the waters, as we were still actively searching many websites. The unusually helpful and prompt email responses and customer service at Invitations4Less is what led us to stop searching for any further invitations and just go with this company, because we could tell it was going to be an easy process.

What would you say to other families that are hesitant to order their invitations online from

Our advice would be that if you see an invitation you like on the website, but aren’t sure if it can be tailored to your specific needs, to not rely solely on the information on the website, but to contact the company via email (they have a contact link). You can ask any and all questions (no question is too small), and you’ll be impressed at how rapid and clear a response you’ll get, and how flexible and accommodating they are.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Ordering invitations is stressful, as are all the other components of planning a big event. Let the customer service and quality of the invitations at Invitations4Less allow you to have one less stressful thing to worry about; it certainly made life easier for us.

The staff at congratulates Emily and wishes the entire Mandell family “Mazel Tov!”

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