Customer Spotlight: Evan Berney Bar Mitzvah

In today’s Customer Spotlight, we interviewed Marilyn Atlas-Berney from Mountainside, New Jersey. She and husband Michael, along with their son Evan, selected the Sanctity Bar Mitzvah Invitation. This invitation features timeless elegance that will be admired for years to come!

How did you go about your search for a Bat Mitzvah invitation? Did you find us using an internet search or by word of mouth from a friend or relative?

Let me start by saying that I had approached my son’s bar mitzvah with the thought process that this should be a happy, wonderful, relatively stress free event – otherwise it just wouldn’t be worth it. Such an event should be surrounded by Good Karma. My son wasn’t so concerned with his invitations, but I wanted something that spoke to the Bar Mitzvah day, the child and our family.

I had attended many local “Mitzvah Fairs”. I met an “Invitation Lady” who had lots of great stuff. I made an initial appointment with her and found some things I liked but nothing I loved. I figured if I was spending a good deal of money on invitations, it should be something I was proud to present to our friends and family. After going back and forth with the “Invitation Lady” about appointment times and options, I knew this just wasn’t going to work out…and so I turned to the World Wide Web. After checking a few sites and making a few calls, I was hooked on Invitations4Less had all the things I had seen by Checkerboard, and much, much more! I immediately gravitated towards an invitation by Mosaica Studios, made in Israel. I spoke to Jeanne, and she had the most wonderful things to say about the vendor. After a few small tweaks, we were on our way.

What did you find most appealing about the invitation that was selected for Evan’s Bar Mitzvah?

I liked that it was unique, very elegant and made in Israel. It had a Jewish/Israeli feel, but was not overly religious in nature. The printer was able to insert text in places other than the main body of the page, for accent. And the plike backing paper used – WOW! So beautiful!

Evan Berney

Evan Berney

In what ways did stand out when assisting you with your order?

Personalized Customer service. Customer Service. Customer Service. And Price! Should I say it again? I was a bit hesitant ordering invitations from a company based in Iowa, dealing with a vendor in Israel – there were lots of time zones to contend with. Not to mention an unprecedented snowstorm in Jerusalem that brought businesses in Israel to a halt. But I have to say, compared to what I was going through dealing with a person here in NJ, face-to-face, this was an easy and seamless process. I was able to get clear, no nonsense pricing quotes, adjust my order as needed (175 pieces of this, 200 of that, 100 of this, etc.), and see and change proofs without a $25 fee every time I tweaked the proof, unlike many local vendors charge. Finally, one evening, after I had confirmed the order, I realized I had forgotten a symbol on the top right corner of the invitation – I emailed Jeanne and even though it was 7pm at night in NJ, after business hours in Iowa and whatever time in Israel, she caught the printer in time, and the addition made it to the invitation! Jeanne was always accessible, responsive and absolutely amazing.

As for price, was able to match or beat any other vendor’s price. Plus, I hadn’t been presented with invitations by this company locally before I found it on

At a time when there are so many decisions to be made, Jeanne from, made things go a bit easier and smoother.

What would you say to other families that are hesitant to order their invitations online from

Don’t hesitate for one second! Jeanne and the people at are professionals – reliable, available and respectful to work with. They really LISTEN to the customer and bend over backwards to fulfill the customer’s needs and wants.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Ordering invitations should be a fun and creative process – not a chore. While you may not meet Jeanne face-to-face, you can see her demonstrations on YouTube to put a face to the voice, and she is always there to assist!

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