Envelopes Come In All Shapes and Sizes

While deciding on just the right invitation, whether you are a bride, a graduate or a Bat Mitzvah mom, at some point, you will also have to consider the envelopes. They are offered in all shapes, size and colors. Whether you are planning to enhance your envelopes with liners and calligraphy or keep it simple and classic, there are some important guidelines you will want to keep in mind.

Whether you are shopping for your invitations online or at a local invitation shop, it’s important to know the size and shape of the invitation and envelope. The dimensions will determine the cost of postage. In most cases, it is noted on the description of the invitation, if not remember to ask the associate assisting you. It will be helpful in estimating the cost of postage and keep your budget inline. I always suggest to my customers that they refer to the post office for guidance when purchasing stamps for their invitations. Before you purchase your stamps, have one fully assembled invitation with the envelopes weighed and measured at the post office. Remember, it’s not just the weight that will determine the cost of the stamp; the size and shape do as well.

While you are at the post office, remember to check out the latest designs in stamps and personalized stamps. You may also want to inquire about the post office hand cancelling your invitations. Hand stamping will keep your invitations from going through a large machine, which can damage thicker or non-traditional shaped invitations. Hand stamping also gives your ensemble a personal touch.

There are basic guidelines you will want to follow when addressing your envelopes.
-You will want to avoid using abbreviations other than “Mr.” and “Mrs.”.
-Guidelines suggest that words such as “Road” and “Avenue” are spelled out, not abbreviated. That applies to the State name as well. It’s also very important to include the zip code on the same line as the city and state.
-The inner envelope should include the last name of your guest and their title (Mr. or Mrs.).
-If children are being invited, their first names are to go under the parents’ names. If the child is over 18, then technically a separate invitation should be sent.
There are protocols for just about every scenario when addressing invitations and great resources are out there to assist you.

How do you plan to address your envelopes? If you want to stick close to etiquette guidelines, they need to be hand addressed or addressed by a calligrapher. Calligraphy is beautiful and will turn any envelope into a work of art. It can also be expensive and many are looking for ways to save money these days. Most printers nowadays offer an address printing service. If you supply them with your guest list in a particular format, they will print the addresses for you. The cost varies depending on the invitation and printer you are working with. The font can match what you have chosen for your invitation wording, or a more calligraphic font may be used. This option is usually less costly than a calligrapher and will give your envelopes a sharp, classy look that will get noticed by your guests. Invitations4Less.com can offer this service for you, just remember to ask your representative for a price quote.

Assembling your invitations and stuffing your envelopes is a big job, but it can be fun. I have talked to many brides throughout the years that make this into a fun evening event with their bridesmaids and friends. It’s a quick way to get the job done and enjoy a nice evening together. However you opt to complete this task, remember there are guidelines when stuffing your envelopes. Many invitation orders will arrive with instructions on how to assemble and stuff. If they don’t, just ask the person who assisted in ordering your invitations. The instructions are readily available and easy to follow.

What are those inner envelopes for anyway? Many invitations are still offered with inner and outer envelopes. There is a history to the double envelope. At one time, invitations were hand delivered by a footman. Once it was delivered, the servant that answered the door would remove the outer envelope and the inner envelope would be delivered in pristine condition, to the appropriate members of the household. The job of the outer envelope was to clearly note the house address so it could be delivered and protect the inner envelope and its contents. In most cases, the actual recipients wouldn’t see the outer envelope. Therefore, the inner envelope was lined, waiting to be opened by the recipient. It’s important to remember, when you order lined envelopes and the invitation is offered with double envelopes, the inner envelope will be lined. If the invitation is offered with a single envelope, then it will lined.

Your envelopes will unveil the details of a very special day for you and your family. As you plan your event, remember that the day your invitations arrive in the mail your big event has been launched!

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